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Wine Tasting

Entrance 1 - 20 People
Duration 3h

Our service of wine tasting represents a real lunch/dinner lead by our experts where each glass of wine is paired with gourmet foods cooked by our amazing chefs.While the wine tasting takes place (lasting 3-4 hours) you will have the possibility to ask our sommeliers for all your questions, info and anectodes about each wine and food paring.
The service of wine tasting can be customized in every aspect on request: following your needs we can change the ways to do it and the number of guests. To recreate a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere we rather prefer small groups of guests, even though we arrange also tastings in big private rooms. On request people can also ask for the service of wine tasting at their homes by Enoteca Properzio: it does not matter the continent where you live,we love to to fly to you for arranging special events and try together more wines that we wisely deal with ,all well paired with special foods cooked by us personally.

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