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premium tuscan wines: italian excellence

Premium Tuscan wines: Italian excellence

Tuscany is one of the most important wine regions, not only in Italy, but also on a global scale. With a production of 39 DOC wines and 11 DOCG wines, it has grape varieties scattered throughout the whole territory: mainly on the hilly and mountainous areas and only a small part on the plains. The climatic and geological characteristics of the territory vary greatly depending on the area. In the hinterland, which is certainly more exploited for viticulture, the climate is continental with cold, fairly rainy winters, and hot, dry summers. The hilly terrain is typically calcareous and clayey, an important feature that gives the wines the right flavor, perfect acidity and an excellent structure.

tuscan wines

The vines of Tuscany that have made us world famous

The Chianti hills are the most widespread wine-growing areas: they are distributed mainly in central Tuscany, on the coastal strip, to the north in the Mugello area and to the south in the Val di Chiana. Chianti Classico is one of the most appreciated red wines in the world, there are very many varieties, from those which are not too tannic and are medium bodied to those more complex and elaborate. Among the most appreciated labels of our online wine shop is certainly "Monte Firidolfi", worthy son of this extraordinary blend. This wine has an intense ruby ​​red color, to the nose there are floral notes of violets and an aroma of ripe fruit. The harmony of fragrances is revealed in all its essence to the taste, with a soft and velvety touch. It is perfect with pasta dishes and the deep passion it expresses will unite the whole table.

Brunello di Montalcino is a very limited vine with regard to the surface area it covers , but with a really open breadth of mind, the focus is on quality. It is appreciated worldwide. The vines are concentrated mainly in the area from Montalcino to ​​Siena, characterized by a land that is warm and humid to the south, rich in marl and limestone, and a purely clayey and sandy soil to the west.

Although the bottles of these premium Italian wines may vary due to the different organoleptic characteristics given by the territory, Brunello di Montalcino is an elegant and persistent wine, ideal to accompany red meat and mature cheeses. A variety that catches the eye of the most passionate is Brunello "Le Ragnaie", with a ruby ​​red color and an enveloping scent of red fruits, particularly cherry and raspberry. The flavor is strong and energetic, but of an aristocratic refinement. It lends itself to aging, but adapts elegantly to the strength of a young soul.

Sangiovese: the most widespread Tuscan wine for quantity

Sangiovese is a black grape vine very widespread in Tuscany, which mainly favors a clayey and calcareous soil that is not very fertile. The bunch is medium and compact with a cylindrical and pyramidal shape, the grape is medium-large and has a thin skin. The quality of the wines produced is very variable, however in general they are tannic and have balanced acids.

Montevertine offers a very interesting variety of Sangiovese: "Le Pergole Torte", whose label precedes the art of the wine that it presents. This wine fills the glass with a dark ruby ​​red color that has shades of intense light. It arrives to the nose with floral notes of myrtle and mineral scents of wet rock, then finishes with an aroma of raspberry, rose and licorice. The palate is enriched with freshness and elegance, with a clear reference to the fragrances it emanates. This wine goes well with full-bodied sauces, such as ragù, and red meat. It is certainly a wine of cloth, but with patience leaves a very long finish that lives on in the mind.

Sassicaia: the most desired among red wines

Sassicaia is the most famous wine in the world, the first to beat the French in the renowned blind tasting in 1985 in Paris against the premier crus. Above all, it is the first wine in the world to receive the famous 100 percent from Robert Parker for the legendary 1985 vintage. Originally from Bolgheri near the renowned avenue of cypresses mentioned by Giosuè Carducci, the Marquis Incisa della Rocchetta has been able to continue the great family tradition over time. The Ferrari of Italian wines and difficult to find since it is a limited edition. Aging in French wood and in great demand all over the world, from generations you can find Sassicaia only on Enoteca Properzio.

The first Super Tuscan ever created by a blend of cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc, facing the Tyrrhenian Sea where it has a great influence from the Mediterranean, year after year it is a certainty at international level.

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Tenuta dell'Ornellaia

Masseto Tenuta dell'Ornellaia box with 2 bott.1990 0.75...

Marchesi de' Frescobaldi

Ornellaia Tenuta dell'Ornellaia 2006 1.5 lt.

San Giusto a Rentennano

Vin Santo Giusto San Giusto a Rentennano 1995 0.50 lt....


Regular Price: €99.00

- 10%
Castello Banfi

Summus 1997 Castello Banfi 1.5 lt.

Marchesi de' Frescobaldi

Gorgona Marchesi de Frescobaldi 2016 1.5 lt.

Marchesi de' Frescobaldi

Campo ai Sassi Rosso di Montalcino Marchesi de'Frescoba...

Tenuta San Guido

Sassicaia Tenuta San Guido 2005 1.5 lt.

Azienda Agricola Cerbaiola

Rosso di Montalcino Salvioni 2000 0.75 lt.


Regular Price: €80.00

- 7%
Marchesi de' Frescobaldi

Le Quattro Stagioni Frescobaldi Castello di Nipozzano 2...

Castello di Ama

Castello di Ama Vigneto La Casuccia 1994 3 lt.

Tua Rita

Redigaffi Tua Rita 2015 1.5 lt.

Marchesi de' Frescobaldi

Chianti Rufina Montesodi Marchesi de'Frescobaldi 1996 1...

Tenuta dell'Ornellaia

Masseto Tenuta dell'Ornellaia 2011 1.5 lt.

Tenuta dell'Ornellaia

Masseto Tenuta dell'ornellaia 2007 3 Lt.

Marchesi de' Frescobaldi

Brunello di Montalcino Castelgiocondo Marchesi de' Fres...

Tenuta dell'Ornellaia

Masseto Tenuta dell'Ornellaia 2011 0.75 lt.

Tenuta di Nozzole

Il Pareto Tenuta di Nozzole 1998 1.5 lt.

Tenuta San Guido

Guido Alberto Tenuta San Guido 2016 0.75 lt.

Marchesi de' Frescobaldi

Santa Maria Morellino di Scansano Marchesi de'Frescobal...

Marchesi de' Frescobaldi

Chianti Nipozzano Riserva Marchesi de'Frescobaldi 2014 ...

Tenuta dell'Ornellaia

Ornellaia L'Incanto Vendemmia D'Artista John Armleder T...

Tenuta dell'Ornellaia

Masseto Tenuta dell'Ornellaia 1998 Signed Bottle 0.75 l...



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